Who is Larry Venable

and what do his clients have to say?

He's a Senior Business Advisor & Leadership Coac​h

Larry Venable has spent most of his life helping others ac​hieve – from his early years as a 3M sales rep helpi​ng independent dealers grow their businesses, through his many years conducting leadership seminars in 8 countries, to helping CEOs deal with their many challenges, issues, and opportunitie​s as a Chair/Coach for Vistage, the world's largest organization of CEOs.​

He's a Speaker 

He has conducted some 2500 seminars or speeches in 8  countries:  Topics like:

*The Power of Purpose

*The Essentials of Leadership

He's a Sales Trainer/Coach

Formerly Manager of Sales Training at 3M Compaany, he has trained 1000s on the art of selling, with primary focus on asking, not telling, and benefits, not facts.

Some Leaders I have coached.....

Larry, my friend, mentor, and teacher. It was eight years of pleasure seeing you on a monthly basis enjoying your trusty words. You, along with others that you introduced me to, provided me with a leap in my business and helped me be a better person.
Rob S., Chairman and CEO

Larry you have been a mentor to me and when I look at my life there are just a handful of people that you think of. You are one. You have made a difference in my life not only in business but in my values. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support. We will always be great friends! There is only one Larry Venable and I am so glad you have been in my life.

Don Z., CEO

Until we crossed paths, I never had or sought a mentor, relying on self-reflection and analysis. I now realize that I missed a huge opportunity as your counsel and friendship meant more to me than I had ever expected. I have often quoted you and referenced you when dealing with my employees as those that got to know you also share fond memories.
Lewis A., Chairman & CEO

Larry is one of the few individuals I know who can maintain control of the group as a true leader and, at the same time, honor each individual with a combination of personal respect and empathy.  Both his organizational and communication skills are outstanding. Whether it is sales, teaching, or management, Larry has a proven record of excellence and my full recommendation.”
Larry C. , Chairman

And from some speaking engagements.....

Air Transport Association

Larry Venable proved to be the star of our 2 day professional enhancement program. The critiques from our worldwide management staff were universally positive.

Electric Supply & Equipment

"He's terrific. We heard him at a national meeting and hired him to come talk to our sales force."

Reliant Energy

Your message was right on target, and I am still receiving accolades for your performance. I appreciate how you took time to get to know some of the specifics of our business and the environment in which our employees are being asked to do their jobs. ..your points came across very effectively.

International Food Marketing Association

"Your ability to customize your message for our group really put them in the right frame of mind to focus on their customers. I've just completed tabulating the evaluations and you were off the scale."

National Association of Electrical Distributors

...a huge success...the information you gave was right on target, and based on the participation from the audience and the comments from the evaluations, you were a real hit.

RPM Domino's Pizza

"Thanks so much for doing such a great job at our meeting. I was out on a limb and you made me look good. Our people have been constantly referring to points that you made, so I know the material was understood."


Your presentation was exactly what I was looking for.

International Franchise Advisory Council

Thanks again, Larry, for inspiring messages and a first rate performance. The feedback was all positive, and the number of members who made sure they voiced their opinions was the largest ever. The "standing room only" crowd must have been inspiring for you as well. Please add IFAC to your long list of satisfied users; we will be happy to share our experience with others.