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Meet Larry Venable

Larry Venable has spent most of his life helping others achieve – from his early years as a 3M sales rep helping independent dealers grow their businesses, through his many years conducting leadership and sales seminars in 8 countries, to helping CEOs deal with their many challenges, issues, and opportunities as a Chair/Coach for Vistage.

Larry, my friend, mentor, and teacher. It was eight years of pleasure seeing you on a monthly basis enjoying your trusty words. You, along with others that you introduced me to, provided me with a leap in my business and helped me be a better person.   Rob S., Chairman and CEO 

Larry: you have been a mentor to me and when I look at my life there are just a handful of people that you think of. You are one. You have made a difference in my life not only in business but in my values. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support. We will always be great friends and I am so glad you have been in my life!
 Don Z., CEO

Until we crossed paths, I never had or sought a mentor, relying on self-reflection and analysis. I now realize that I missed a huge opportunity as your counsel and friendship meant more to me than I had ever expected. I have often quoted you and referenced you when dealing with my employees as those that got to know you also share fond memories. Lewis A., Chairman & CEO  

Larry is one of the few individuals I know who can maintain control of the group as a true leader and, at the same time, honor each individual with a combination of personal respect and empathy. Both his organizational and communication skills are outstanding. Whether it is sales, teaching, or management, Larry has a proven record of excellence and my full recommendation.”
Larry C. Chairman 

Just wanted to say what a great coach you have been to me and our staff here. Learned so much, and I will use what I have learned at my next career venture.  Jason T.  Director, Public Services,  Hot Springs Village POA

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