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Consider Larry for your next Convention, Sales Meeting or Manager’s Workshop

Typical Speeches or Workshops

Air Transport Association
Larry Venable proved to be the star of our 2 day professional enhancement program. The critiques from our worldwide management staff were universally positive.

Electric Supply & Equipment
“He’s terrific. We heard him at a national meeting and hired him to come talk to our sales force.”

Your ability to customize your message for our group really put them in the right frame of mind to focus on their customers. I’ve just completed tabulating the evaluations and you were off the scale.

“Thanks so much for doing such a great job at our meeting. I was out on a limb and you made me look good. Our people have been constantly referring to points that you made, so I know the material was understood.”

International Franchise Advisory Council
Thanks again, Larry, for inspiring messages and a first rate performance. The feedback was all positive, and the number of members who made sure they voiced their opinions was the largest ever. The “standing room only” crowd must have been inspiring for you as well. Please add IFAC to your long list of satisfied users; we will be happy to share our experience with others.

Coustic-Glo International, Inc
A number of those who attended your program have already used a number of the points you brought up and have had excellent success in increasing their ability to not only close the sale but to increase the amount of the sale. We were truly pleased with the overall content of the program and would look forward to having you work with our group again.

From Public Seminar Participants:

  • “...more creative information, resulting in more creative ideas, and was conducted by the most enthusiastic, edifying, and entertaining seminar leader than any other. Thanks for sending Larry.”
  • Of all the seminars I have been to, this is the first one that has held my attention for a full day and made me determined to go back and put some of the things I heard into practice.
  • “Larry is a dynamic speaker in the true sense of the word. The time just flew by.”
  • “Larry is one of the most impressive, vibrant, and honest people I’ve ever met.”
  • Larry Venable is a spectacular presenter. He shared a wealth of information in a comfortable, relaxed manner with such charm that even though all 160 of us had to sit in rows on straight chairs for the better part of six hours, he captivated us all.


I didn’t get back to say goodbye before your session ended yesterday, and I really wanted to thank you for the day. It was an excellent opportunity to get out of the rush of day to day activity to reflect on how we do what we do and where we can stretch and grow to do it better. I really appreciated the chance to get a glimpse at your years of experience and insight and wisdom — and to be reminded of the great voices within YF. Thank you for taking time to be with us and share your magic. I really enjoyed it!

PS – At a meeting with a major foundation this morning, my mind was consistently seeking opportunities to pose the questions you taught us yesterday. Thanks!


You were absolutely magnificent last night in your role as Emcee of Trivia Night! You have just the right touch for leading that event, lighthearted but authoritative. You didn’t miss a beat.

Jane Browning, Executive Director